INCLUDES 7 different variants of SHOGI  

The ancient  GENUINE MARTIAL ART board game of Japan in which you can attain Dan-grades based on your tournament performances



The PC Windows downlaod also contains a multi-media introduction, rules & historical background.


This powerful software allows a huge amount of control over player strength, openings, & more. The Western graphics option (in addition to the traditional Japanese graphics) makes the game  simpler to play for the beginning player.

Wonderfully dynamic 2-player strategy game, far superior in our view to the plodding common chess.


Games hardly ever end in a DRAW since captured pieces can be "dropped" back into the game on an empty square to assist in the checkmate attack!


No pieces are ever lost to the game, checkmate becomes MORE likely in the latter stages, and so SHOGI never peters out into a dull endgame as so often with tournament common chess.

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Four-handed proto-chess, Chaturanga